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Techwise offers beginner classes and one-on-one training to help you get the most out of your Macintosh or iOS device.

Mac Basics for Switcher and Beginners

This basic course is especially for those who are new to the Macintosh community, either recent (or soon to be) switchers from Windows or those just wondering what to do next with their new computer. Topics include various but essential software and hardware overviews such as proper removal of external devices, closing windows vs. quitting applications, included applications, basic terminology, and much more.

Mac Security Basics @ Home

Do you know the difference between a virus and a trojan? How about spam, scam, spoof or phish? We can help. The Macintosh is gaining in popularity and has gotten the attention of the bad guys. Let us help you understand what some of the current threats are and discuss some basic things you can do to help protect yourself.

iPad Basics

iPad Basics is a beginner’s class on how to use your iPad.  We want to make you comfortable using your iPad.  You’ll learn things like screen gestures, organizing apps, and customizing the look and feel of your iPad’s desktop.  We’ll also cover using the Safari web browser, Calendar and other apps that come with your iPad.  If you already own an iPad or iPhone, you'll have a chance to share your favorite app with the rest of the group.  If you don't, you'll learn about a number of useful apps you could enjoy.

iWork Basics for iPad

See how easy it is to create, edit and share information from Apple's iWork bundle.  Pages, Numbers and Keynote are all extremely useful apps everyone should know how to use with their iPad.  We'll also show how you can share documents with your Macintosh.  These Apps are included with new iPads purchases, or can be downloaded from the App store.  Come and learn how easy they are to use.



This is not your basic photography class for how to take pictures.   You will learn the basics of how to work with pictures and videos you take with your iPad or iPhone or have on your Mac.  We’ll cover some basic photo editing, manipulating and sharing of your photos.  Join us as we enter the digital darkroom.

One-on-one Training

Would you like to sit down with one of our Apple Specialists for some one-on-one training?  Get your list ready and we'll help you learn what you want.  Whether it's how to sync your computer with your iPad, how do create spreadsheets in Excel, how to create a photo book in iPhoto, or just how to use your Mac, we can help.  Our one-on-one training rate is $95 per hour.



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